Child Labor Study Consultancy in Vietnam for Against Child Exploitation project

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Location Dien Bien Province, Da Nang city, Quang Nam Province
Deadline: June 15, 2023

Please send your application package to by 17h00, 15 June 2023 Vietnam time.

Email subject: WVV - Child Labor Study Consultancy in Vietnam for Against Child Exploitation project - Your name


Viet Nam has committed to undertaking measures to tackle child labour through laws, policies and institutional support. Viet Nam has recently made significant achievements in the fight against child labour, establishing a strong legal framework aligned with international labour standards, and implementing a number of programs and projects to counter child labour nationally and locally. Viet Nam has joined and ratified international treaties including ILO’s Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention No. 182 (1999) and Minimum Age Convention No. 138 (1973) to ensure the implementation of children's rights. The Decision No. 782/QD-TTg issued by the Prime Minister on May 27, 2021, granted approval of the Program on prevention and reduction of illegal child labor (CL) in the 2021-2025 period, with orientations toward 2030. Goals of actions for prevention, detection, intervention and child support in case of illegal child labor and towards children at high risk of becoming child laborers are clearly defined in this program.
However, child labour in Viet Nam persists despite these efforts, especially in the informal sector of the economy. According to the results of the national survey  on child labor in 2018, there are 1,031,944 children/youth ages 5-17 participate to 17 in child labor, which (accounts for 5.4% of the total number of children in this age group; of the over 1 million children who participate in child labor, 20.1 % work more than 40 hours a week. 519,805 children in engage in heavy, dangerous and hazardous jobs (50.4% of child labor). Statistics from this survey also showed that the sectors that employ the most children are the agriculture sector, followed by construction of houses of all types, production of garments, and restaurants and mobile catering services; the same sectors engage the most in hazardous child labor. This results in harmful effects on children’s health and psychological development, limits their school attendance and inhibits their transition to decent productive work.
The ACE Project (Against Child Labor) is implemented by World Vision Viet Nam from October 2021 to September 2024. Key implementation partners are local government agencies at national level (MOLISA – Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs), provincial and district level (DOLISA, the Police, DOJ – Department of Justice), commune levels (CPCs – Child Protection Committees, mass organizations, local community groups /Community Based organizations), and private sector (informal and small-scale formal business enterprises and institutions).  Following are the key Project goal, objective and outcomes:
Overall Goal: To contribute to the elimination of WFCL, including OSEC, and violations of acceptable conditions of work in Vietnam
Project Level Objective: To strengthen the capacity of the Government of Vietnam to address WFCL, including OSEC, and violations of acceptable conditions of work 
Outcome 1: Improved enforcement of the legal framework and policies pertaining to WFCL, including OSEC, and violations of acceptable conditions of work in Vietnam
Outcome 2: Improved assistance services for victims of WFCL, including OSEC
Outcome 3: Strengthened partnerships to accelerate progress in addressing WFCL, including OSEC, and violations of acceptable conditions of work in Vietnam

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Purpose of Position
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Key Responsibilities

WVV needs a team of an international consultant who will play the role of team lead, and a local consultant who will support the team lead in assigned tasks including, but not limited to what is described hereinafter. The two consultants will need to form a technical team to apply for the job and work together during the study implementation. It is the responsibility of the international consultant to choose and team up with a local consultant for the purpose. However, World Vision Vietnam will process two separate contracts and make payments to each of the consultants based on the financial plan and individual contract conditions. 
Please kindly find more detail as attached Term of Reference...

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Knowledge & Skill

Applications should be submitted by one international consultant as team lead that include:
i)    Expression of Interest; 
ii)   A technical proposal including proposed methods and a work plan
iii)   Financial plan as guided in section # 8
iv)  CVs demonstrating relevant capacity and experience including 2 references
v)   One example report written by the team lead for any studies or evaluations with household quantitative survey on Child Labor, Child Protection, Social protection, community development, child wellbeing or other related themes. 

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