Consultancy service for Ending evaluation of the Hope in Class Project

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Location Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong
Deadline: July 25, 2022

Interested consultants are invited to send your application package to the email address: 
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Building “Hope in Class” to end violence against children at school is a grant project funded by Orion through World Vision Korea. The project aims at building a safe, loving and cooperative environment at school through building children’s capacity to behave in a positive, loving and cooperative way, and enhancing the involvement of teachers and parents in educating children on life skills and living values, and in building a loving and safe school environment.

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Purpose of Position

• To evaluate the result of project after intervention.
• To assess impact of the project to teachers, parents and children
• To assess the impact of the project to communities
• To measure progress during and after implementation, in which the key indicators at goal, outcome and output level.

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Key Responsibilities

The consultant team will be responsible for describing the overall design, data sources to be used, and methodology and data collection tools that are best suited to the assignment objectives and local context. However, we recommend considering the following methods as part of data collection: 
• Desk review (external literature, key project documents): review the relevant documents, including the project proposal, resources and results framework, other relevant research and scoping in 3 years.
• Focus group discussions
• Key informantinterviews
• Questionnaires
The methodology should be developed in consultation withWorld Vision as part of the inception report. The final methodology will be approved by World Vision Vietnam before implementation. 

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Knowledge & Skill

The consultant must deliver the following deliverables: 
• Evaluation plan: The plan should entail a detailed technical proposal and timeline. In relation to the evaluation,the report should at least outline and explain methods, including the survey team members’ roles, key informant/ stakeholder analysis, the data collection 
process (e.g. Data collection matrix sampling method, data collection tools and methodology, research setup, survey schedule etc.) and data analysis (e.g. the software that will be used, if any, and any limitations in the use of that software). The consultant is encouraged to add additional subsections to the report. The report will be reviewed and approved by World Vision.
• Presentation of preliminary findings to WVV shortly after data collection. The consultant should present major findings to World Vision in a review and feedback meeting. Feedback obtained after the presentation should be incorporated in the final report.
• Evaluation report: The consultant will be asked to submit and present an evaluation report in English as the core deliverable of this consultancy. The report should also evaluate and compare indicators at project goal, outcome and output levels after intervention of project. The evaluation report should also entail recommendations for potential improvements to the project logic and measurement framework (including indicators).

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The consultant must confirm acceptance and compliance with at least the following document: 
• World Vision’s Child and Adult Safeguarding Management Policy 
The consultant should fulfill the following criteria:
• At least Master’s degree in public health, social science or a related science;
• Strong skills and proven experience (at least 5 years) in conducting surveys
• Good experience and skills in working with poor and most vulnerable people 
• Strong analytical skills for quantitative and qualitative data 
• Strong coordination/organization/networking skills and experience in working in a team
• Excellent English and Vietnamese writing skills.
• Experience in working with NGOs will be considered an asset.

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