Consultancy on signing framework contracts to provide Child Protection and Participation program related services

Job code
Location Depends on the need and plan of each Area Program/Project
Deadline: June 6, 2023

Please send your application package to by 17h00, 6 June 2023 Vietnam time.

Email subject: WVV - Consultant for Child Protection & Child Participation/FWC - Your name


World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization working to improve the quality of life of people, especially children who are marginalized and living in poverty. World Vision (WV) helps all who are in need, regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or gender. As a child-focused organization, WV’s work focuses on children, ensuring they are protected and their basic needs are met. World Vision International in Vietnam (WVI Vietnam) has been funded 13 support countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Funding of WVI Vietnam consists of sponsorship program funding (70%) and Private Non-Sponsorship (PNS)/grants (30%). WVI Vietnam employs about 430 staff, of which 93% are Vietnamese nationals. 
WVI Vietnam is operating in 4 zones:     North 1 (Hoa Binh, Dien Bien), North 2 (Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang, Hai Phong), Central (Thanh Hoa, Quang Tri and Da Nang) and South (Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Thuan, Ho Chi Minh, DakNong). WVI Vietnam’s Area Program (AP) usually focuses within one administrative district of a province which populated by ethnic minority people with high rates of poverty. A uniqueness of WVI Vietnam’s Development Program Approach (DPA) is that AP team members are based at district level where the AP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis. Beside the APs, WVI Vietnam is also implementing different Special and Grant Projects to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children in both AP and non-AP areas.
During the year, we will need consultants to carry out some activities related to Child Protection and Participation program for several APs/Projects. Thus, we are going to hire 2 consultants signing frame contracts with us to cover one or all activities as details below.

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Purpose of Position
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Key Responsibilities

Scope of services
1.    Life skills/ Living values:  
•    Training of trainers/ facilitators: 2-4 days
•    Direct training/ coaching to key stakeholders/ partners: 1-3 days
•    Adaptation/ Contextualization of life skill training curriculum: 10-30 days 
2.    Mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS):
•    Training of trainers/ facilitators: 2-4 days
•    Direct training/ Coaching to key stakeholders/ partners: 1-3 days
•    Development/ Contextualization of mental health-related curriculum (Psychological First Aid – PFA; basic counselling …): 10-30 days 
•    Conduct survey/ research on MHPSS: 10-30 days
3.    Reporting and referral mechanism/ Case management/ Home visiting:
•    Training of trainers/ facilitators: 2-4 days
•    Direct training/ coaching to key stakeholders/ partners: 1-3 days
•    Policy review and development (with government partners): 10-30 days
•    Survey/ Evaluation/ Research: 10-30 days


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Knowledge & Skill

Requirements for Consultants
1.    Life skills/ Living values:
•    University degree in Education, Social Work, Psychology or other relevant discipline (Master degree required for curriculum development/ contextualization)
•    Demonstrable experience in developing and delivering training materials on life skills, life values, social emotional learning (SEL)
•    Proven track record in system strengthening in education with Ministries of Education and Training including teacher training and curriculum development.
•    Priority will be given to candidates with experience and familiarity in community development in Vietnam.
•    At least 5 years’ experience in technical position of education/ adolescent programming/ youth development/ child protection sector

2.    Mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS):
•    At least 8 years of experience in MHPSS in humanitarian settings (with some experience on gender-based violence, violence against children and women) is strongly desired
•    Master’s degree in mental health, psychology, social work, social science, public health or related field.
•    Experience integrating MHPSS programming across relevant sectors, such as Education, Protection (including Child Protection, Gender-Based Violence), Health, etc.
•    Demonstrated experience with relevant guidelines, such as IASC guidelines on MHPSS in emergencies, the IASC MHPSS Minimum Service Package, and other relevant guidelines.
•    Demonstrated ability to collect and collate quantitative and qualitative data.
•    Familiarity with the governmental, non-governmental and faith-based organizations involved in disaster preparedness and mental health psychosocial support.
3.    Reporting and referral mechanism/ Case management/ Home visiting
•    Master degree or equivalent in social work, social development or related field.
•    At least 8 years of professional experience in advancing child rights, child protection and providing support and justice for child victims of abuse and violence 
•    Demonstrated capacity and experience in conducting research, developing training curriculum and programs and delivery of training.
•    Strong experience working with government agencies in social welfare and education sector (MOLISA, MOET) and good understanding of child protection context in Vietnam
•    Demonstrable experience (5 to 10 years) in designing and conducting quantitative and qualitative research/evaluation of national programs, legal frameworks
•    Knowledge of women’s and children’s rights: previous experience conducting research with children and vulnerable groups would be considered an asset;

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