Consultant(s) for Training on gender and gender equity for Men Care for kids Project

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Deadline: December 18, 2022

Please send your application package to by 17h00, 24 November 2022 Vietnam time.
Email subject: Consultant for Training for Men Care for kids Project - Your Name

Interested candidates will be asked to send an application package in English containing:
•    CV (including related experience, title and working place, contact);
•    Detail training agenda with training method;
•    Propose consultant fee with detail breakdown on daily rate.


Da Bac and Mai Chau districts are the home of 7 ethnic groups, accounting for 72% of the population. Main characteristics of the ethnic minorities (Muong, Dao, Thai...) in these areas is that they consider pregnancy and childcare as the duties of the women. Husbands play a limited participation and interest in addressing this issue. Women are often disadvantaged in accessing health care services and resources for themselves and their children.
Therefore, apart from the interventions related to the mothers, the influence on the husband, who influences the decision-making in maternal health care and children is essential. The “Men care for kids” project is designed for strengthening the role of husbands to improve children’s nutritional status with integrated approaches.
To increased awareness of community about gender and gender equity, there is a need in organizing training on “Gender equity” for core partner and family.

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Purpose of Position

1.    Training objectives
After the training, the participants will:
•    Be equipped with basic knowledge on “Gender equity”.
•    Be able to reflect on gender concepts and issues.
•    Be able to develop plans, design lectures and retrain members of the “Father clubs”

2.    Expected outcome
•    100% of participants will have basic knowledge on “Gender equity”. 
•    90% of participants will have skills on approach to mainstream gender in program management.
•    70% of the participants will able to develop plans, design lectures and retrain members of the “Father clubs”.

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Key Responsibilities


Session 1: Summary about the training and guideline on find some gender issues in community.
Session 2: Summary about the condition accessing to gender equity and the practice of community people.
Session 3: Key concepts, (Gender, Gender stereotype and gender norms, Gendered division of labour, Factors shape and reinforce Gender inequality, Gender equality and equity)
Session 4: Group reflection on representation of gender stereotypes, norms and division of labour in daily life.
Session 5: Gender mainstreaming in program management structure
Session 6: Guideline on implementing the communication activities.

•    Participants: 39 participants in Da Bac and 51 participants in Mai Chau
•    Expected time for training: 2 days: 3 Dec - 4 Dec 2022 in Da Bac and 5 Dec - 6 Dec 2022 in Mai Chau

III.    Consultant Responsibilities
-    Work with the Technical Program Officer (TPO) to get agreement on the training content of Gender equity.
-    Prepare and sending the training materials (including the training presentation) in accordance with the above-agreed content to the TPO 10 days before the training.
-    Develop the training agenda which suitable to the participants, objectives and expect outcome and the time of the training and send the training agenda to TPO 10 days before the training.
-    Prepare content, methods and the pre/post test for the training course (Focus on the training knowledge).
-    Send the logistics needs (Including training hall, documents, stationery and material for the field practice) to the AP at least 7 days before the training.
-    Conduct the training course to follow the above-agreed timeline to meet the objective and expected outcome.
-    Write the training report after finishing the training course in Vietnamese, the report includes assessing the knowledge of the participant before and after the training (Focus on the training knowledge); training course progress (with picture); training methods; recommendation on typical participants, other recommend (if any) for the improving the training quality. 
-    Send the report to the TPO within 7 days after the training.
-    Mentor and support the knowledge and skills for the participants who are the potential participant for the Father clubs.

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Knowledge & Skill
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