English Language Teacher for WVV’s “English Excellence Program”

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Deadline: May 31, 2023

Please send your application package to wvv_recruitment@wvi.org by 17h00, 31 May 2023 Vietnam time.

Email subject: WVV - English Langguage Teacher


World Vision Vietnam (WVV) is an international organization and strong English competency is required for staff to perform their current jobs and essential for their advancement. Yet many WVV staff who have been working with WVV for many years and are identified as ready soon for career progression encounter English as barrier for further development, especially staff from the field. Furthermore, WVV encourages continuous learning, agility and models itself as a learning organization. In that context, World Vision Vietnam plan to develop the English Excellence program in order to support high performing and high potential staff to fill their competency gap in English and grow further with the organization.

Given this, WVV is seeking to contract a teacher with extensive and proven experience in teaching English to professionals.

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Purpose of Position
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Key Responsibilities

The English Excellence program is aimed to develop a six-month online English program that is relevant and practical for potential successors, who are ready soon for their next role to reach English proficiency at least at intermediate level. This language training will be offered to the current staff as well as those that will join WWV in the future. 
For the time of 4 months, the English language teacher is expected to work with WVV team to develop the course agenda and curriculum as well as define the appropriate assessment and evaluation tools.
It is envisaged that all necessary WVV’s working contexts will be embedded through blended project-based learning approach to increase learner’s engagement and learning efficiency. One pilot group will benefit from the program tailored to potential successors’ level and need. 
Their training needs are summarized as below:
- 7 - 10 learners who need to move frequently: average age 35-40, at pre-intermediate level in general.
- Skills to focus: listening (meeting, work discussion), writing (report, email) & speaking (presentation, conversation with sponsors, work discussion)
- Teaching method: blended (self-paced, trainer-led and facilitator sessions), at least 60% practice time and 70% professional topics included.
It is expected that the teacher takes full responsibility for:
- Organizing English proficiency tests at the beginning and end of the course and verify learners’ achievement (at least 1 level upgraded from pre-intermediate to intermediate, following The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR);
- Developing a tailored six-month online training course for potential successors while using at least 60% WWV’s contexts and blended project-based learning approach;
- Planning and conducting two lessons weekly for the pilot group during 4 months;
- Creating and facilitating 1 group chat with learners for Q&A, homework corrections, attendance reminder, encouragement;
- Identifying and purchase course material and literature;
- Identifying appropriate learning software and (online) resources for learners and WVV team in its use;
- Evaluating the monthly progress of individual staff to measure progress, identify barriers to learning and recommend action to overcome barriers in the monthly meetings with WVV team;
- Consistently keeping a record of participation of individual staff members and consult WVV team in the case of repetitive staff absence: at least 80% participation of group per session;
- Ensuring that the lessons are planned and delivered in a highly participative and interactive manner and responsive to the request and suggestions of the students: at least 80% achieved in satisfaction survey of learners and WVV team;
- Writing a report in English at the end of the training course: curriculum, assessments results, teaching sessions (with illustrations); evaluation tools, improvement proposals.... (to be sent 7 days after the end of the training course);
- Other related tasks based on need and agreement;

Please kindly find more details on term of refernence attached.

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Knowledge & Skill

- Minimum 5 years of professional experience in teaching English as a second language;
- Excellent written and spoken English language skills a requirement and English as native language a strong asset;
- Certificate of teaching English as a foreign language;
- Experience in adult education and facilitation of a multi-cultural groups;
- Strong skills in online teaching tools, in instructional design software and e-learning courseware / platform;
- Good inter-personal communication skills including experience of facilitation of trainings/workshops/ presentation and able to transfer knowledge to the WVV staff;
- The eligible candidate is independent, committed and reliable;
- Experience working with INGO and learners who often have to go to the field;
- Flexibility and ability to adjust to change circumstances and needs.

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