WVV - Consultant for WVV’s National Rapid Response Team (NRRT)

Job code
Location Da Nang city
Deadline: May 15, 2023

Please send your application package to wvv_recruitment@wvi.org by 17h00, 15 May 2023 Vietnam time.

Email subject: WVV - Consultant for NRRT


World Vision Vietnam is an INGO actively contributing to disaster preparedness and response for many years in Vietnam. In order to timely and effectively response to disasters, WVV has established the National Rapid Response Team (NRRT), whose members are from different departments and sectors. This team is first line force responding in emergency as well as providing technical supports to APs to implement disaster preparedness to strengthen resilience of WVV and communities. 
As context of disaster risk changes rapidly with increasing and unpredicted intensity and frequency, it is necessary that NRRT members’ capacity, including knowledge and skills on diaster risk reduction and response to climate change can be strengthened frequently.

The training for NRRT this year is scheduled from 14-15 of June, 2023 

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Purpose of Position

Strengthen the surge capacity of WV Vietnam’s National Rapid Response Team (NRRT) particularly in DM’s knowledge and first aid skills

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Key Responsibilities
  • Improved capacity of NRRT in disaster preparedness and emergency response 
  • Better response in typhoon season and effectively contribute for Vietnam Emergency response if disasters happen
  • 100% participants will be able to understand, explain the definition, rules and first aid procedure (DR.ABC), able to describe about typical symptom and risk of common injures
  • 100% participant can practice first aid skills correctly
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Knowledge & Skill
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