Financial Officer - “Increasing the Resilience to Risks of Ethnic Minorities in Dien Bien” (Dien Bien IREM Project)

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Location Muong Cha District, Dien Bien Province
TermFull time
Deadline: December 12, 2023

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World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization working to improve the quality of life of people, especially children who are marginalized and living in poverty. World Vision helps all who are in need, regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or gender. As a child-focused organization, WV’s work focuses on children, ensuring they are protected and their basic needs are met. World Vision Vietnam (WVV) has been funded from 13 support countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Funding of WVV consists of sponsorship program funding (70%) and Private Non-Sponsorship (PNS)/grants (30%). WVV employs about 430 staff, of which 93% are Vietnamese nationals.
WVV is operating in 14 provinces and cities. WVV’s Area Program (AP) usually focuses within one administrative district of a province which populated by ethnic minority people with high rates of poverty. A uniqueness of WVV’s Development Program Approach (DPA) is that PROJECT team members are based at district level where the PROJECT is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis. Beside the APs, WVV is also implementing different Special and Grant Projects to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children in both PROJECT and non-PROJECT areas. 
The Dien Bien IREM Project will be operated at Muong Cha, Tuan Giao, Muong Ang Districts, Dien Bien Province and Dien Bien Phu City (With provincial activities) from October 2023 to November 2024. The project plans to achieve Goal & main outcomes as below:

The project goal: to increase Dien Bien Ethnic Minorities Resilience to Disasters through enhancing rollout of community-based disaster risk management (CBDRM) and Safe School Framework with the focus on inclusion of Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI). This will be achieved by seeking change on the following outcomes:

Outcome 1:  Enhanced implementation of CBDRM in target communes of three districts of Muong Cha, Tuan Giao and Muong Ang and Dien Bien Province.

Outcome 2: Enhanced implementation Safe School Framework in target communes of three districts of Muong Cha, Tuan Giao and Muong Ang - Under the light of Comprehensive School Safety Framework 2022-2030, which was just launched by the Global Alliance for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience in Education Sector (GADRRRES).

WVV will implement the project activities related to the 02 outcomes. WVV will recruit one Project Manager, one Project Coordinator, two Project Officers and one Financial Officer to implement the designated project component.

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Purpose of Position

The position supports WVV to maintain high standards of financial stewardship and assist the Project Manager in maintaining the books of accounts and other financial records of the Project & adhering to the financial standards of World Vision financial system to ensure accountability of entrusted funding resources of the PROJECT or Project including Sponsorship funding, Private Non-Sponsorship funding and grant funding.

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Key Responsibilities

Financial Policy Compliance (40%)

- Provide administrative financial services to the project to ensure high level of compliance, quality, accuracy and
consistency of work in project implementation.
-    Ensure consistent service delivery by collaborating and working closely with all of the team members of the 
-    Conduct all the day to day operational procedures in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation,
closure, audit, etc. in timely manner and in line with WV Policy and Procedure as well as Field Financial Manual (FFM).
-    Provide the Project staff the necessary account analysis codes and assistance to correctly filled in and
prepare cash advance, EER, payment request.
-    Ensure adequacy and correctness of the supporting documents for payments and/or voucher preparation (using Voucher Interface) to ensure consistency with WV’s Policy and donor requirements.
-    Monitor the financial transactions regularly to maintain project financial account in place and in order.
-    Deliver the quality and accuracy of the goods and services to the beneficiaries is verified by conducting random visit to the project sites.
-    Upgrade knowledge and skills of the staff and partner on relevant WV accounting policies and procedures.
-    Provide assistances to other projects and APs when necessary and required by participation in cross-review; assisting cross-audit and assisting in training the new project finance staff (Bookkeeper or FO).

Budget Management and Financial Reports (40%)
-    Assist the PROJECT or Project Manager in planning and developing project budget in line with the AP’s Plan of Action and logframe.
-    Complete the monthly financial report as per schedule including:
+ Prepare VI data with quality
          + Prepare bank reconciliation with sufficient supporting document
          + Extract project’s core combined logframe report from SunSystem
          + Timely prepare the financial reports cover memo with variance explanations (quarterly)
+ the asset register
-    Check and verify the SunSystem generated financial reports for any non-project related expenses, discrepancies and irregularities from the project finance manual
-    the Manager on the project spending status and pattern to avoid risks of ineffectiveness and material overspending or under-spending of the project budget.

Data analysis and additional funding acquisition (10%)
-    Perform financial data analysis and provide financial forecast to assist Project Manager in making data driven decisions and financial risk management.
-    Support in acquiring additional funding for PROJECT through developing quality proposal budget for new project.

System, financial administration and others (10%)
-    Establish and maintain a systematic filing system of key documents (in hard copy and soft copy) and in line with audit requirements. 
-    Maintain all financial and other records required for audit purposes, and provide assistances in regular auditing of the Project.
-    Take responsibility for personal security, accurately identify and assess the dangers and respond in the most appropriate way; take all good faith efforts to keep other WVV staff and property secure with guidance and instruction as being trained by WVV

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Knowledge & Skill

1. Required Professional Experience
-    Minimum 3 years’ experience in finance and accounting, preferably with international humanitarian organizations.
-    Experience in community development or with NGO.
-    Experience in capacity building for local stakeholders/partners.
-    Experience in accounting and finance.
2. Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification
-    Bachelor’s Degree in Finance/Accounting

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Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications
-    Good knowledge of accounting theory, financial statements and government tax requirements.
-    Good interpersonal and communications skills.
-    Good computer skills. Must be computer literate in Microsoft Office software, especially MS Excel.
-    In-depth working knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the WVI Field Financial Manual.
-    Knowledge of WV operations and programming requirements.
-    Good interpersonal and communications skills.
-    Willingness to support, articulate and demonstrate World Vision’s core in meaningful ways to colleagues, partners, donors, children and communities.

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