WVV MF Senior Zonal Operation Officer (2 positions)

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Location Quang Tri, Quang Nam, Thanh Hoa or Hung Yen
Deadline: August 22, 2022

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to wvv_recruitment@wvi.org
Email subject: [MFU - Senior Zonal Operation Officer] - Your Name


Micro Finance Program – World Vision Vietnam (MFU) is an independently managed program that promotes transformational development through the provision of micro financial services. MFU was established since 2006.

Micro Finance program’s mission is to foster improvement in the quality of life among the clients in Vietnam by assisting the economically active poor and graduating the moderate and poorest of the poor into entrepreneurial skills. This will be accomplished through a sustainable Micro Finance program that provides access to loans, insurance and savings within program areas.  All aspects of the services that MF program delivers are built to lead the development of appropriate models, capacities and systems for Micro enterprise development in Vietnam, resulting in sustainable economic development as part of WVI transformational development ministry throughout Area Program (AP) communities. 

MF Program is structured in two management levels: central office in Hanoi and branch office at provincial and/ or regional level. All direct transactions with clients including clients screening, loan processing and loan collection are carried out at communities’ level through a network of local staff.

At present, MF Program is operation in 11 districts mainly in the north and central of Vietnam.

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Purpose of Position

Support Operations Manager (OM) to ensure branches in North and Central zone and MFU’s annual target achieved, which will improve MFU’s performance as a whole from time to time.

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Key Responsibilities

-    Supervise the branch operations regularly through the Branch Managers to ensure that the targets set and as agreed are met by reviewing, analysing monthly progressing reports, regularly field visiting, etc. 
-    Shortcomings/ problems are identified and correct actions/solutions are recommended and discussed with branch staff at the regular branch meetings to help branches achieve the operation targets.
-    Proposal/ different requests of the Branches are reviewed and or approved ensuring the compliance with policy/ practices.
-    Proactive supports are provided to conduct market survey, client satisfaction survey…; new projects, such as product development; proposal writing; management tools (MIS…) upgrade; integration initiatives of MFU activities with other sectors/TPs/ADPs of WVV
-    Valuable inputs for policies/guidelines/ tools/reports development/ improvement are provided. 
-    Be representative to attend regular meetings with local partners and ADPs when required.
-    Other tasks assigned by the supervisor are conducted

-    All activities of branches, including new group formation, clients screening, loan processing and loan collecting, group/cluster meeting, financial transactions, reporting, etc., are closely, regularly and randomly monitored and supervised to ensure the compliance with policies and regulations.
-    In closely cooperation with Branch Manager, Branch Accountant and Branch Assistant, all fraudulences, misconducts which might damage organizational assets and resources and affect to the organization’s image and prestige are identified, verified in a timely manner.
-    Operation report which points out problems/issues of each Branch and suggests solutions is prepared on monthly basis. 
-    Management and monitoring tools applied at head office and branches are suggested and developed.

3.    PLANNING  
-     Effective assistance is provided to prepare annual operation plan and budget of related branch.
-    Assistance is provided to develop MFU’s business plan.

-    Annual learning needs of all Branch Managers and operation staff are identified and built up by different methods so that their capacity is strengthened.
-    Annual training plan is developed to improve competences for Branch Managers.
-    Training Curriculum, Training Materials, Valuable Contribution (in a role of key trainer) are made to operation trainings.
-    In cooperation with Branch Managers, training needs and capacity building plan for Loan Officers are identified based on the performance review process. 
-    Branch Managers’ performance and development plan are conducted as required. Identifies capacity building needs and ensures adequate and updated training is provided for branch manager. 
-    Assistance is provided to branch managers to conduct training to Loan Officers and Cluster/Group Leaders on credit management skills 
-    Inputs are provided in annual performance appraisal process of staff and branch as a whole. 
-    Self-capacity is improved by participating in relevant training courses.  
-    Performance appraisal for Branch Manager is properly done.
-    The job Description, Core Competencies of relevant staff are developed and revised when needed.

-    Relationship with AP staff, local partners at both district and commune/ hamlet levels and branch members are developed and maintained.
-    Great efforts are contributed to build Branches and overall MFU into a united, accountable and spiritual team.
    •    Security and Risk Management
-    Manage directly the safety and security within the team based on guidance from ND and established WVV guidelines, through security assessment, planning and management.
-    Prepare and update regularly the risk registers for the team 
-    Identify and mitigate the risks that could impact the achievement of goals of the team
-    Take responsibility for personal security, accurately identify and assess the dangers and respond in the most appropriate way; take all good faith efforts to keep other WVV staff and property secure with guidance and instruction as being trained by WVV.

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Knowledge & Skill

-    Bachelor/ college degree in Economics, Finance, Finance of Accounting, Banking or Business Administration
-    Understanding of Microfinance activities, small enterprises development or trends of business
-    Good verbal communication and marketing skills
-    Fluently in Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, Power Point and Internet) 
-    Be committed to work with the poor and have customer service-oriented mindset
-    Active, adaptable and having team spirit
-    Assertive, creative, patient and being integrity
-    Honest, enthusiastic and inquisitive

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-    At least 3 year working experiences with community development projects, priority over experiences for managing and conducting micro finance Program/project or income generation activities, including business development services.

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