WVV Special Project Finance Officer - Safer Internet, Safer Childhood Project

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Location Hanoi or negotiable
Deadline: June 10, 2022

Please send your CV and Cover Letter to wvv_recruitment@wvi.org
Email subject: [Project Finance Officer - EVF] - Your Name


World Vision is a Christian relief and development organisation working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. As a child-focused organization, WV’s work focuses on children, ensuring they are protected and their basic needs are met. World Vision International in Vietnam (WVI Vietnam) has a total income of USD 17.9 million (FY2020) with funding 12 support countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Funding of WVI Vietnam consists of Sponsorship program funding (70%) and Private Non-Sponsorship/Grants (30%). WVI Vietnam employs about 430 staff, of which 99% are Vietnamese nationals.

WVI Vietnam currently implements 36 Area Programmes (APs) which operate in 5 zones: North 1 (Hoa Binh and Dien Bien), North 2 (Yen Bai and Tuyen Quang), North 3 (Thanh Hoa and Hai Phong), Centre (Quang Tri, Quang Nam and Danang) and South (Quang Ngai, Binh Thuan, Ho Chi Minh and DakNong). WVI Vietnam’s Area Programs focus within one administrative district of a province which usually populated by ethnic minority people with very high rates of poverty. A uniqueness of WVI Vietnam’s AP approach and structure is that team members are based at district level where the Area Program (AP) is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis. Beside the APs, WVI Vietnam is also implementing different non private sponsorship (PNS) and Grant Projects to meet the specific needs of vulnerable children in both AP and non-AP areas.

Over 70% of the Vietnamese population now has access to the internet. As of June 2021, 9.2% of Facebook users and 18.5% of Youtube users are children aged 13-17. Children use the internet an early age but do not have enough knowledge and skills to protect themselves the risk of being sexually abused via chat rooms, live streams, web cameras and smartphones.

WVI Vietnam is developing a project to help Vietnamese children to learn, entertain and grow in safe online and offline environments, with the tentative timeline January 2022 to December 2024. The project and the positions required to deliver the project will commence upon confirmed funding the donor.

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Purpose of Position

The position supports WV Vietnam to maintain high standards of financial stewardship and assist the Project Manager in maintaining the books of accounts and other financial records of Project & adhering to the financial standards of World Vision financial system to ensure accountability.

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Key Responsibilities

1.    Financial Policy Compliance
•    Administrative financial services are provided to the project to ensure compliance, quality, accuracy and consistency of work in project implementation.
•    All the day to day operational procedures in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, closure, audit, etc. are conducted in timely manner and in line with WV Policy and Procedure as well as Field Financial Manual (FFM) and Financial Standard Requirements Grant Donors
•    The Project staffs are provided the necessary account analysis codes and assistance to correctly filled in and prepare cash advance, EER, payment request.
•    Adequacy and correctness of the supporting documents ensured for payments and/or voucher preparation (using Voucher Interface) to ensure consistency with WV’s Policy and donor requirements.

2.    Budget Management & Financial Reports
•    The Project Manager is assisted in planning and developing project budget in line with the Plan of Action and log frame.
•    The financial reports cover memo prepared with variance explanations, Advances & Payables Aging Analysis (IA 264 & IA 269), the asset register updated, the bank reconciliation performed and sent on time to the Cluster Finance Officer (FO) for posting.
•    The Sunsystem generated financial reports are reviewed with assistance of Cluster FO and NO FO for any non-project related expenses, discrepancies and irregularities the project finance manual.

3.    Filing
•    Filing system of key documents is established and maintained (in hard copy and soft copy) and in line with audit requirements and Grant Donor’s requirement
•    All financial and other records required for audit purposes are maintained, and assistance provided in regular auditing of the Project.

4.    Project Activities Implementation
•    Assistance is provided to the Project Officer in project planning, implementation and review by developing and ensuring quality, realistic plans of action, budgets, and monitoring and evaluation of activities, outputs, and outcomes. This will be done in alignment with WV’s Learning through Evaluation with Accountability and Planning (LEAP) Framework.
•    Assistance is provided to Project Officer on project implementation, especially implementation of project activities at national level.

(Please see more details of Role dimension in Job Description)

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Knowledge & Skill

•    Bachelor Degree;
•    Majored in finance/ accounting.

•    Conceptual understanding of and commitment to development work, especially Christian, child-focused, community-based development concepts, approaches and processes;
•    Good time management and organizational skills;
•    Good interpersonal and communications skills;
•    Fair English, especially report writing skills;
•    Good computer skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email;
•    Ability and passion to learn about accounting.

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•    Experience in bookkeeping and accounting.

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