Physical violence prevents children from reaching their full potential. Some studies have shown that children who frequently experienced physical punishment are less likely to pursue higher education than children who have not. These children are absent from schools twice as many days as their peers. Physical violence is associated with poor learning outcomes and this is one of the reasons why children develop a dislike for schools. 


In addition, violence at home shapes and determines children’s personalities and peer networks. Children who are violent at schools are often from families where they experienced physical violence from parents, caregivers or siblings. These children tend to be short tempered, viewed as aggressive by others, and using violence to solve disagreements. 


Meanwhile, awareness among social officers, parents, and caretakers regarding violence towards children and child abuse is still limited.


As part of World Vision International’s global campaign to end violence against children, World Vision Việt Nam aims to end physical violence against children at home and school. World Vision Vietnam is partnering with the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs to launch the campaign as the first joint action for the five-year partnership framework. Further collaborations with other stakeholders are promoted through the campaign period. Campaign activities are integrated into World Vision Việt Nam's Child Protection Programme, which is being implemented in 37 districts of 14 provinces.


Our recommendations

  • Positive discipline should be encouraged in homes and in schools to build a strong foundation for positive child development.
  • Communication messages on ending physical violence against children should be broadcast more frequently by national media channels to change mindsets and harmful cultural norms and practices. 
  • Reinforce the implementation of relevant laws and policies (Child Law, Education Law, and Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence).


The impacts of COVID-19 could permanently scar the development of a generation of the world's most vulnerable children. Since 1990, the number of children dying from preventable causes such as poverty, hunger, and disease has more than halved. Unless the international community prioritises countries which are at greatest long-term risk from the impacts of COVID-19, this pandemic will leave millions of girls and boys poorer, hungrier, sicker, less educated and exposed to more violence and abuse.


We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our national and global leaders to act now to:

1) Increase funding to end violence against children, particularly in the world's most vulnerable places

2) Impose total ban on violence against children under all circumstances

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