What is World Vision?
World Vision is a Christian relief and development humanitarian organization, working to improve the quality of life of people, especially children, who are marginalized and living in poverty. World Vision serves all who are in need regardless of their religion, race, ethnicity or gender. 
World Vision started working in Việt Nam in 1988. Since then, World Vision has implemented many relief and development programs, partnering with the Vietnamese government, local & global partners, and communities. World Vision's programs are currently operated in 18 cities and provinces throughout Vietnam.


How is World Vision helping children?
We believe that every child is created equal and precious in God’s sight and that we are responsible, along with others, to ensure that every child thrives and their futures are filled with hope, well-being and promise. We will achieve this by working with families, communities, our local and global partners, and children themselves in building local synergy to address the root causes of child poverty and child protection issues. We also influence policies that favor children.


How can I, as an individual, contribute to help?
Unfortunatly, there has not been a legal framework for international NGOs like World Vision to raise funds locally from individuals like you. But you can still support us by:
1.    Sign up to sponsor a child in Việt Nam through World Vision offices in 12 countries including Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Hongkong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, and United States. 
You can encourage your family, friends, and colleagues to become a World Vision sponsor too.
2.    Sharing news on our website and fanpage that you deem worth-sharing to your friends on social networking sites.
3.    Linking World Vision to your company or corporate partners through sectoral projects on child protection, health and nutrition, and livelihoods.


Does World Vision evangelise in its projects?
World Vision does not proselytise and does not demand that people hear any religious message or convert to Christianity before, during, or after receiving assistance. World Vision respects the religious beliefs and practices in communities where it operates and seeks mutual understanding with people of all faiths. Our focus is to respond to human need, and our compassion and professionalism reflect our faith.

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