Driven by our unwavering commitment to protect the most vulnerable children, World Vision Việt Nam is committed to protecting children from all forms of abuse, exploitation and injury, of which millions of children in Việt Nam are victims. Our Child Protection Program contributes to the achievement of three Sustainable Development Goals: 5 (Gender Equality), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), and 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions).

At community level, we support to consolidate and build capacity for the community-based child protection system. Child protection workers are empowered with guidelines and tools to enhance child protection and promote child participation. At the same time, knowledge and skills are provided to teachers, parents and caregivers to help them identify, prevent and report risks to the safety of their children as well as build positive and peaceful relationships at home and at school. Children themselves are taught about life skills and living values to better protect themselves and their peers.


At national level, we partner with concerned ministries and child-focused agencies to improve policies and reinforce policy implementation in order to tackle issues such as child abuse, child labor, child marriage, child trafficking, violence against children and child injury.


USD 4,608,077 (26% of annual budget) 


All 37 Area Programs

Direct beneficiaries

164,607 children and 198,622 adults

Highlighted achievements

children participated in actions that support ending violence against children.
local advocacy initiatives were led by children to deliver recommendations to school and local leaders for resolving child protection issues.
adults participated in awareness raising sessions and had access to child protection information.
parents demonstrated increased knowledge in positive discipline and other child protection issues.
national policies were issued to strengthen child protection system with World Vision Việt Nam's support.
  • Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; Ministry of Education and Training; and Provincial and District Departments under these two ministries in 14 cities and provinces
  • Mass organizations (Women’s Union, Youth Union)
  • Community-based child protection committees
  • Child rights working group in Việt Nam
  • Schools, families and communities


(All Figures Based On 2019 Data)

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