There is an increasingly devastating effect on children and the poor due to climate change impacts which manifest in the escalating frequency of extreme weather events as well as rising sea levels. These issues pose huge challenges for Việt Nam in its efforts to boost economic growth and ensure sustainable social development. 


World Vision Việt Nam has been highly active in disaster relief, promptly tending to the most immediate needs of affected communities and children. 


Under a more sustainable approach, we work with the communities and partners to develop and implement disaster preparedness plans and build a strong network of Rapid Response Teams at district, commune and village levels. During the 2018-2022 period, we continue our efforts to strengthen communities and households’ resilience to sustain child well-being. This overall goal will be reached through enhancing local communities’ readiness to cope with disasters and shocks by mainstreaming Community-Based Disaster Preparedness Plan/Disaster Risk Reduction, Rapid Response Team, and Child-Focused Disaster Risk Reduction - Climate Change Adaptation models. 



USD 379.904 (2% of annual budget)


All 37 Area Programs

Highlighted achievements

communities had their disaster preparedness plan updated.
Rapid Response Teams at commune and village levels are fully functional as the front-liners in emergency response and disaster risk reduction.
USD was spent on disaster risk reduction activities, from awareness raising to disaster relief.


  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Education and Training; and Provincial and District Departments under these two ministries in 14 cities and provinces
  • District and Commune People’s Committees
  • Mass Organizations (Youth Union, Women’s Union, Red Cross)
  • Disaster Management Working Group
  • Climate Change Working Group


(All Figures Based On 2019 Data)

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