One-third of child deaths are linked to malnutrition, mostly from increased severity of disease. World Vision Việt Nam aspires to see all children enjoy good health and thrive. To that end, we channel our efforts into reducing malnutrition for children under five through our proven-effective integrated approach.

Our Nutrition & Health Program contributes to the achievement of three Sustainable Development Goals: 2 (Zero Hunger), 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), and 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation).




At community level, we promote communication and practices of nutrition, child care, and health-seeking behavior among parents and caregivers, especially those with malnourished children, through regularly held nutrition club meetings. We also stress the importance of reproductive health care and work to improve expectant mothers’ access to quality medical services, helping them to protect their infant and ensure a healthy pregnancy. Accompanying this effort is our intervention to improve water sources, sanitation and families’ hygiene practices (to prevent common diseases), help families have a sustainable livelihood (to increase food security), and build a saving habit for community people (to finance income-generating activities and address urgent needs).


At national level, our experience and lessons leant from community-based intervention are shared with government-authorized agencies to mainstream the effective models/ practices into the socio-economic development plan at local levels.



USD 2,732,970 (16% of annual budget)


All 37 Area Programs

Direct beneficiaries

77,298 children and 128,209 adults

Highlight achievements

children escaped severe malnutrition through intensive rehabilitation centers.
pregnant mothers and caregivers with children below 2 years old received counselling on nutrition and infectious diseases.
households with children under 5 built new handwashing facilities, and 6,709 households had sanitation facilities constructed.
  • Ministry of Health; and Provincial and District Departments under these two ministries in 14 cities and provinces
  • National Institute of Nutrition
  • Commune Health Centers
  • Women’s Union
  • Local technical agencies (Extensions staff, VET staff, Agriculture staff at district and commune levels)
  • Peer members of the Scaling-Up Nutrition Movement (SUN-CSA) in Vietnam
  • Kindergartens


(All Figures Based On 2019 Data)



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