World Vision Việt Nam launches its national response and recovery program which aims to limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce its impact on vulnerable children and their families.


Four strategic objectives of this program are:

Objective 1: Scale up preventive measures to limit the spread of disease
Objective 2: Strengthen health systems and workers
Objective 3: Support for children impacted by COVID-19 through child protection, food and livelihoods
Objective 4: Collaborate and advocate to ensure children are protected


Within this program's framework, we seek to minimize the social and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic through communication of preventive messages to limit the spread of the virus, provision of hygiene items and personal protective equipment, enhancement of protection services for the most vulnerable children, provision of food aid and livelihood supported to impacted households, and promotion of community-based Child Protection Committees' role in responding to child protection issues during COVID-19. 


In integration with World Vision's global campaign to end violence against children, we also intensify our communication on stress handling during COVID-19, initiate online social challenge, and livestream discussion with child protection experts in order to help families foster positive relationships.


USD 800,000


35 Area Programs


April - September 2020

Direct beneficiaries

364,962 children and adults, including the most vulnerable and those with disabilities

Highlighted achievements

Community individuals were provided with COVID-19 preventative materials.
Medical personnel were provided personal protective equipment in health facilities.
Face masks were distributed besides 2,052 disinfectant kits and 345 glove sets.
Individuals received food assistance.
Individuals received livelihood training. 1,465 individuals were also provided with livelihood assets/ production input (e.g. breeding animals, seedlings, animal feed).
Front-line actors were trained in child protection.
  • District and Commune People's Committees
  • Mass organizations (Women’s Union, Youth Union)
  • Community-based child protection committees
  • Schools, families and communities
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