A survey conducted last June with 6,856 community people in World Vision’s working areas across Việt Nam's 14 cities and provinces shows the considerable aftermath of COVID-19. Despite their distance from COVID-19 hotspots in the country, many poor households have been put in further difficult circumstances due to job losses. Specifically, 91% of the surveyed households have been suffering from food shortages, 66% have had their livelihoods severely affected, and 80% are struggling to settle their loans.


In October 2020, World Vision Việt Nam initiated a KOICA-funded four-month project to provide direct support to children, families, and schools by stabilizing household economy and strengthening local ability to prevent infectious diseases. This project is implemented in six mountainous districts in Điện Biên, Yên Bái, Quảng Nam and Quảng Ngãi provinces. 


Main components of this recovery project are designed to respond to the crucial needs identified during World Vision’s survey:

First, to address food insecurity, World Vision will provide food aid (with additional micronutrient products or fortified food for malnourished children) and facilitate alternative sustainable livelihoods.

Second, to scale up COVID-19 preventive measures, World Vision will establish or improve handwashing stations at school and at home while also increasing access to water storage and supply for local people.


Throughout the implementation of this project, female and male community members are be equally benefited, and families having people with disabilities are prioritized to receive aid and livelihood support. Foods and services are purchased locally where and when possible in order to boost the local economy.


This grant to Việt Nam is part of KOICA’s larger grant of total USD 773,110 [KRW 920,000,000] to help the Mekong Region (including Cambodia, Myanmar, and Việt Nam) cope with the tremendous impact of COVID-19.


USD 464,158


Điện Biên Province - Mường Chà, Tủa Chùa

Yên Bái Province - Trạm Tấu

Quảng Nam Province - Nam Giang

Quảng Ngãi Province - Minh Long, and Sơn Tây


16 September - 31 December 2020

Direct beneficiaries

26,991 children and adults (6,941 households)

Selection criteria:

  • poor and near-poor households (based on Vietnam Government's classification)
  • households of most vulnerable children, whose main income earners lost their jobs due to COVID-19 
  • children with child protection issues or in need of special protection 
  • Disctrict and Commune People's Committees
  • District-, Commune- and Village-level Program Management Boards
  • District Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development and Agriculture Extension Stations
  • District Departments of Education and Training
  • Health Centers
  • Mass organizations (Women’s Union, Youth Union)
  • Schools, families and communities
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