The “Anti-Trafficking in Điện Biên province” is World Vision Việt Nam’s new emphasis on addressing the current situation of human trafficking in Tủa Chùa district, Điện Biên province – one of the “hot locations” for cross-border trafficking and exploitation.   


Tủa Chùa is the poorest district of Điện Biên which shares borders with China and Laos, with the population comprising mainly ethnic minorities. Having a 46.8 % rate of poor households, people’s livelihoods in Tủa Chùa depend on agriculture production in very disadvantageous conditions, such as cultivation in hilly areas, extreme weather, and poor transportation. In addition, the area’s upland terrains exacerbate local people’s access to trade, information, and education. Due to these challenges, people in Tủa Chùa, especially children and young adults, are vulnerable to the many tricks of human traffickers who often make promises of a better life and opportunities over the borders.


With the aim to protect children and women trafficking and enhance local supporting systems for survivors and at-risk individuals, the “Anti-Trafficking in Điện Biên province” project is implemented within 1.5 years and is expected to achieve the following outputs:


Outcome 1

Enhance protection of children and vulnerable youths trafficking and exploitation

  • Remove vulnerable youths/children and women traffickers and/or exploitation
  • Provide quality community-based assistance for adolescents and women affected by trafficking and exploitation
  • Improve evidence base on trafficking and exploitation for policy influence


Outcome 2

Adolescents, especially the most vulnerable, adopt self-protection skills to reduce trafficking and exploitation

  • Enhance knowledge and skills for adolescents to protect themselves and their peers trafficking and exploitation
  • Provide training for caregivers in positive parenting skills that keep children safe trafficking and exploitation



USD 100,000



April 2022 – September 2023



Tủa Chùa district, Điện Biên province


Direct beneficiaries

 14,868 target individuals, including 8,256 adults and 6,612 children in the project’s 04 target communes: Mường Bằng, Sính Phình, Tủa Thàng, Xá Nhè.



  • Local Department of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs
  • People's Committees of the project's communes
  • Local Police departments
  • The “Human Trafficking Prevention for Women and Girls” project (funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
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