The majority of 600 target households in Nam Giang District belong to Ca Tu and Giẻ Triêng ethnic minority groups and are working in agriculture and forestry. The multidimensional poverty rates of these groups, as assessed in 2015, were nearly 27%. Monthly income per capita was VND 917,600 (USD 40) and VND 770,200 (USD 33), respectively, equivalent to only one third of the country’s average.


Economic empowerment and associated agriculture are intended to promote the self- determination of target households, thereby securing their livelihoods sustainably. The active participation of the target groups and their families in the development within the communities shall increase. The culture-sensitive, professional, communicative and market-oriented empowerment of individuals should create added value in productive farming. Through the involvement of regional decision-makers, the project intends to bring about improved policies that consider the special needs of the minorities at regional and national level.


The expected results of this project are:
1)    improved capacity of farmers for business development
2)    better linkage between pig-raising groups and related agricultural market actors
3)    higher quality of black pig products of local farmers and meat processing of livestock partners 
4)    enhanced veterinary skills for veterinary staff services
5)    adoption of natural farming by pig raising groups’ members
6)    improved accessibility of beneficiary households to investment capital
7)    empowerment and participation of ethnic minorities in the development of policy guidelines in the region 



EUR 550,173 


1 January 2019 – 30 September 2022

Nam Giang District, Quảng Nam Province

Direct beneficiaries
600 poor and near-poor households (equivalent to 2,400 people, including 1,200 children)
55 partners and project-related staff

Local Partners

•    Center for Rural Development in Central Việt Nam (CRD Việt Nam)
•    Nam Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

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