Trạm Tấu, one of the 62 poorest districts recognized by the Government of Việt Nam, is located in high mountainous area of Yên Bái Province, with sharp peaks, vertical cliffs and steep slopes. H’Mông people makes up 77% of the population here, grappling on a daily basis with difficult natural and social conditions to make ends meet. The mountainous terrain in Trạm Tấu District is challenging with limited transport infrastructure. Local people here are isolated nearby areas, hence deprived of economic opportunities, social services and connection. The situation is particularly difficult for H’Mông women and children who are behind while male figures of households migrate for work in other districts or provinces. H’Mông women are responsible for childcare, family life, and livelihoods. All these tasks become more strenuous because of limited mobility.


The Project tackles the challenges above by building concrete 7,000 metres of inter-village roads and enabling sustainable livelihoods for the poor and isolated ethnic minority people in Trạm Tấu District, Yên Bái Province.



EUR 65,000 (~ USD 73,000)


January – December 2021

Trạm Tấu District, Yên Bái Province

Direct beneficiaries
3,960 adults and children, 100% of which is of H’Mông ethnic minority group

Local Partners
•    District and Communal People’s Committees
•    District Department of Transport
•    District Department of Agricultural & Rural Development

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