Như Xuân District, located in the Southwest of Thanh Hoá Province, is one of the poorest districts of Việt Nam with 22.88% of population are living with average monthly income under USD 34 per person. Thượng Ninh is a mountainous commune of Như Xuân District with 7,416 people from 1,652 households. There are 2,386 children including 791 most disadvantaged ones who are affected by extreme deprivation, violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, exclusion and discrimination.


Thượng Ninh is one of 6,000 communes categorized by the Vietnamese government as being prone to natural disasters, which result in damae to assets and loss of human life. Property losses included flooded/collapsed/unroofed houses, damaged roads, broken dam banks, destroyed crops and vegetables, and dead poultry and livestock. Seven people in Như Xuân died due to flash flooding in 2017. In Thượng Ninh commune, losses due to natural disasters in 2017 and 2018 were VND 14 billion and 12 billion respectively. This affects the well-being of local people, particularly children.


In Thượng Ninh Primary School there are 700 pupils. The school comprises one central school and 3 school branches. The central school has 443 students enrolled in 14 classes but only 10 standard classrooms are available. Six of these classrooms were built in 2004 and the other four were built in 1993. Due to the lack of classrooms, 2 classes combine students from different grades, and 3 classes use the temporary old, degraded and cramped office, storeroom and library, also built in 1993, as makeshift classrooms. These buildings are unsafe and lack learning/teaching equipment so it is very challenging to schedule full-day classes for all pupils. Due to such substandard classrooms, there is minimal space for physical and extracurricular activities, which affects student learning outcomes.


With support from the Embassy of Japan through its Grant Assistant for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), the Project tackles the challenges above by constructing stable classroom and sanitation facilities to ensure all primary school-age children in Thượng Ninh Commune have the opportunity to learn safely and effectively.



USD 87,608


Embassy of Japan 


December 2020 – December 2021


Như Xuân District, Thanh Hóa Province

Direct beneficiaries 

443 school children and 25 teachers at Thượng Ninh Primary Schools


  • District and Communal People’s Committees
  • District Department of Education and Training  
  • The management board of Thương Ninh Primary School


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