The Ethnic Minority Economic Empowerment Project (EMEE) aims to improve the economic well-being of 1,200 poor ethnic minority households over a five-year period. Income aims to be increased by 20% through supporting 52 producer groups in the six poorest communes to receive training on sustainable farming techniques and implement accumulating savings and credit and local value chain development. Also, an inclusive business approach is promoted to strengthen business relationships between farmers and the private sector to create demand for market-matched local products. 2,248 people are directly benefit through exchanges of information, knowledge, and experience with the direct participants.



USD 2.8 million 


The New Zealand Aid Program’s Partnership Fund (75% of the project budget)


1 June 2015 - 31 May 2020


Hướng Lập, Hướng Việt, Hướng Linh, Hướng Phùng (Hướng Hoá district, Quảng Trị province)

Direct beneficiaries

1,200 households - Vân Kiều, Pako (94%), Kinh (6%)



Highlighted achievements

Of households have increased income.
Producers' groups and 1 cooperative were established with 1,234 members, of which more than 39% were women.
Of producer groups are linked with the market for a better product consumption.
  • Vietnam Initiative and Education Promotion Company Ltd. and Spark Center for Social Entrepreneurship Development contribute expertise in inclusive business.

  • Additional in-country organizations play essential roles in delivering technical support, training, community mobilization  and engagement.


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