Việt Nam has witnessed a significant change in people’s awareness and approach to reduce violence against children. However, this change is not yet spread across all groups in society. A World Vision Việt Nam's survey in 2018 found that physical violence is the most common form of violence against children with 33.2% of those who participated in the survey having experienced it in the past 12 months. 

Statistics have confirmed that together with home, schools are where children encounter most violence in the forms of peer violence and disciplinary methods used by teachers. Our survey noted that 57.8% of children who suffered from violence experienced it at school. According to the Ministry of Education and Training's annual statistics, 1,600 cases of violence inside and outside of schools were reported during the school year 2014 - 2015. A joint survey between the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Education and Training also recorded 18,571 incidents of violence at school from 2011 to April 2018.


The goal of the Hope In Class Project (HIC) is to build a safe and loving environment at school for children by enhancing their capacity to learn and practice positive, loving and cooperative behaviors as well as strengthening the collaboration and involvement of educational leaders, teachers and parents in educating children and tackling violence.


On working towards this goal, HIC aims for two expected outcomes:

Outcome 1: Increased capacity of children to build a positive environment in school to protect themselves and peers from violence

Outcome 2: Improved capacity and responsibilities of schools/ teachers and parents to build positive environment, to end violence against children at school


USD 212,766


Orion Foundation and Orion Food Vina


April 2020 - September 2022


Thường Xuân, Bá Thước, Lang Chánh districts (Thanh Hóa province), Ngô Quyền district (Hải Phòng City)

Direct beneficiaries

At least 10,000 children from 40 schools


  • Ministry of Education and Training
  • Departments of Education and Training in Thanh Hóa and Hải Phòng
  • Schools, families and communitieson.
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