Urbanization and urban poverty create huge negative impacts on communities, especially youths (aged 15 - 24 years old) living in difficult economic circumstances. Youth’s vulnerabilities in big cities include unemployment, unstable job and low income, deviant behaviours such as gambling, alcohol abuse, drug addiction, delinquency and crimes.


The Improved capacity and access to employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth in Hải Phòng City Project aims to strengthen the capacity of the youth and provide opportunities for job development and success, introduce them to an appropriate journey to have a stable job and income for their future, with application of 4E model (Engagement, Education, Empowerment and Employment), which is a comprehensive solution for building capacity for Youths to have decent and sustainable jobs. The project contributes to the World Vision Việt Nam's national targets of vocational training and business start-up support for youth and enhance the public-private partnership.


USD 242,998


June 2020 – May 2023

Hải Phòng City

Direct beneficiaries
•    300 disadvantaged youths  
•    400 students and youths Vietnam Maritime University and Ngô Quyền District   
•    People’s Committees at Hải Phòng City and Ngô Quyền District
•    Hải Phòng Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs 
•    Women’s and Youth’s at Ngô Quyền District
•    Việt Nam Maritime University
•    Hải Phòng VMU College
•    Hải Phòng Polytechnic College

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