Water Scarcity – Barrier to community well-being

20% of Việt Nam’s population lacks access to clean water [1], exposing them, especially children, to various waterborne diseases. Every year, about 9,000 people die from poor water and sanitation, and nearly 250,000 people are hospitalized due to contaminated drinking water [2].

The situation is even more critical in rural and mountainous regions where the lack of physical infrastructure and financial capacity significantly limit people’s access to improved water sources and sanitation facilities. In Tủa Chùa District (Điện Biên Province), only 40.7% of households had sufficient drinking water from an improved source, and only 17.3% of households had improved sanitation facilities for defecation [3].


A solution to mobilize community efforts

The “Safe Water for Live” Project is a joint initiative by World Vision Việt Nam and 3M that aims to enhance the accessibility to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene for households with children under 5, including the most vulnerable ones, in Điện Biên Province through a community-based approach.




  • Improve knowledge of water sources protection, using safe water, water treatment, and safe storage for community and households with children under 5.
  • Set up and put Community water facilities in operation


Project Activities

  • Training for community facilitators, the Water Management Board, and target households on water sources protection, using safe water, water treatment, and safe storage
  • Constructing Community water facilities and setting up Household water delivery systems
  • Training for the Water Management Board on the management of community-based water system
  • Organizing communication sessions on maintaining the community water facilities
  • Organizing community reflection meeting on operating and maintaining the community water facilities





December 2022 – November 2023



USD 50,000



Tủa Chùa District, Điện Biên Province


Project Overview

For more information, please visit Project Fact sheet 



[1] Workshop on “Water Security for Sustainable Development,” The Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), 2020.

[2] Ministry of Health and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

[3] National Baseline Survey Report, World Vision Viet Nam, 2018.


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