The Tackling Modern Slavery from Việt Nam Project (TMSV) is an Interagency Program for Behaviour Change, Access to Justice and Reintegration Support which tackles modern slavery from Vietnam through harnessing the experience, knowledge, networks and resources of IOM, World Vision International and British Council to implement a coordinated series of interventions across five source provinces of human trafficking and modern slavery, with focus on newly identified vulnerable groups. TMSV activities are developed to specifically align with existing work in Việt Nam and UK ODA requirements and include research, awareness raising, community engagement, sustainable direct assistance, and capacity building of government and civil society partners at the national, provincial and commune level.


TMSV contributes to the achievement of five Sustainable Development Goals:



TMSV is comprised of three components: Prevention, Prosecution, and Protection, with the last one implemented by World Vision Việt Nam by building the capacity of key stakeholders involved in victim identification in Vietnam and the UK, ensuring at-risk individuals are identified early and correctly, and victims are supported adequately, and with dignity. Rehabilitation and reintegration assistance, therefore, will contribute significantly to reducing vulnerability to human trafficking, modern slavery, and poverty. 


In details, World Vision Việt Nam's role in TMSV is to develop a tailored victim-centred strategy for rehabilitation and reintegration assistance for different groups of victims and map available service providers and referral systems, which are utilized and trusted in the target provinces. We also provide shelters, physical and mental health assistance, legal and family counselling to returned victims of trafficking. To prevent re-victimisation, tailored communications will target family members of potential victims (PVoT) of trafficking, especially parents of male minors. 


Findings are shared in national and international workshops to promote coordination between social workers in Việt Nam and the UK in supporting PVoT. TMSV organizes advocacy events on P/VoT support including victim retreat and dialogues with the authorities to continuously engage with the Government and call for actions. 





GBP 611,196.18 (for World Vision Việt Nam's "Protection" component)


UK Home Office


Nghệ An, Hải Phòng, Quảng Bình, Hà Tĩnh, Quảng Ninh 

Direct beneficiaries

Vulnerable Vietnamese populations, returned victims, vulnerable migrants, Government, and civil society actors





Highlighted achievements

people participated in the training courses (on home-visit; trauma-informed care; law, regulation and legislation).
people in targeted areas are engaged through the project's communication events.
non-formal actors are equipped for providing support to PVoTs.
  • International Organization for Migration

  • British Council

  • UK Home Office

  • Ministry of Public Security

  • Ministry of Social, Invalids, and Social Affairs

  • Provincial Women's Unions


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