World Vision runs the global campaign “1000 Girls, 1000 Futures” to call for potential sponsors to join hands in helping girls to overcome challenging circumstances. One of the campaign events took place in Malaysia last July 2023 and featured a once-sponsored child from Vietnam, Dì. We had an interview with Dì and Ms. Vu Thi Nga, Sponsorship Manager, about their experiences after participating in the campaign.
Question for Dì – What chance brought you to this 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures” campaign?
: I am a sponsored child of World Vision from Tua Chua, Dien Bien. Tua Chua Area Program receives support from sponsors in Malaysia. Thanks to World Vision's support and help, I did not have to drop out of school early. I finished high school and tried to pass the university entrance exam, now I am a second-year student at Hanoi National University of Education. My story was told by World Vision through a video story.
I had the opportunity to meet World Vision Malaysia when they visited Tua Chua, and not long after it, I received an invitation to Malaysia to share my story in person at the event 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures.
Question for Ms. Nga - What was your impression of the event?
The event “1,000 Girls, 1,000 Futures” in Malaysia last July is part of World Vision's global effort with the goal of supporting vulnerable girls through the child sponsorship program.
It was such a cozy event. On the morning of the day, Di and I attended the launching of the “1000 Girls, 1000 Futures” campaign, after that Di headed to the stage to share her story with the media and the guests there. Di also had a chance to answer some questions from the media which helps sharing her comprehensive narrative to the wider public.
The guests listened to Dì's story and were touched by how she overcame adversity to become the confident girl she is today. On this occasion, 70 guests registered to sponsor young girls, joining hands with World Vision to give them the opportunity to overcome barriers and make true their dreams. We also had the opportunity to chat with other potential sponsors. After the exchange and sharing session, one has accepted to sponsor 100 girls in Vietnam.
Personally, I had a lot of good impressions when participating in the event. First of all, I was very impressed by World Vision Malaysia's efforts in soliciting sponsorship for vulnerable young girls. I was also touched by the hearts of the sponsors there, and grateful for their commitment to the most vulnerable children. Finally, I am glad that Di has achieved certain successes and that World Vision has contributed to bringing transformation to the lives of our children.
An information corner at the campaign event of 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures  in Malaysia,
 July 2023.
Ảnh: World Vision
Question for Dì – Is this your first time attending an event abroad? How did you feel?
Yes, this was my first time attending an event abroad. Participating in the event brought a rush of emotions to me. I was quite nervous sitting on the "hot seat" of such a large event with more than 100 attendees. I acknowledge my humble presence and that I was there to learn more from others.
I am delighted that my story can be taken as a reference for how the kindness of sponsorship can make vulnerable young girls’ lives better. I especially felt touched when potential sponsors and media attentively listened to my story.  I hope my sharing is also considered as an encouragement to my peers, who are facing challenges in their lives.
In Malaysia, I also met my sponsor. Although we only briefly met, I could feel her warmth and genuine kindness. I am blessed for her always watching over and supporting me; thanks to her, I am who I am today.
I feel very grateful to my sponsor, my teachers, and the World Vision staff, especially the ones who work at the Tua Chua Area Program. Thanks to them that I have the honor of speaking up and sharing my story as a representative from Vietnam.
Besides this, it was joyful to visit a new country. Malaysia is a gorgeous land with diverse cultures and fine cuisines; what makes it even more special is the warm hospitality of its people.
Dì and Ms. Heng - the sponsor (second from the right) and
 Ms. Nga - Sponsorship manager (first on the right).
Photo: World Vision
Question for Dì – What challenges once stopped you from going to school?
In 2015, when I was only 14 years old, I was forced to leave school for two main reasons: the first one was my family’s circumstances, I am the first child in the family and have other younger siblings who also deserve to be given the opportunities of going to school. Secondly, it is not common for a girl in my rural village to study higher than secondary school. My family shared that common belief. At that time, continuing with schooling became a burden for my family. I was forced to drop out of school to help my parents with farm work.
Fortunately, a day after I dropped out of school, I was lucky enough to meet the World Vision staff in Tua Chua District who came to my village. They were working on the issue of girls dropping out of school early. Meeting them, I had the opportunity to share my wish to continue going to school. The World Vision staff has tried step by step to resolve every difficulty facing my wish to go to school. With the unflagging support of World Vision, the village officials, and the local Child Protection Committee and their many attempts to convince my family on the matter, I was able to return to school after 5 months. My family has also received various means of support from World Vision ever since. I am supported with clothes, and school supplies when needed; since coming to the university, I also receive extra support for living expenses. My family was also encouraged to participate in World Vision activities such as Saving for Transformation (S4T), supporting the breeding of cows and goats, raising the floors, water tanks so that my parents can feel more financially secure.
Question for Dì - How will you use your experience as a sponsored child for the path ahead?
Being a sponsored child of World Vision has been a meaningful experience in my life. I have participated in many activities which have helped enhance my knowledge and soft skills. I feel protected and supported both physically and mentally. Importantly, the experience has taught me how to give love to children. This will definitely enable me to perform better in volunteer work and teaching endeavours in the future.
Dì shared her story at the 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures campaign.
Photo: World Vision
Question for Ms. Nga - How do you plan to use your experience from the campaign for child sponsorship work?
Dì's story is one of many significant stories that mark World Vision’s work in Vietnam  over the past 30 years. Such success stories not only inspire sponsors but also inspire the program implementers and frontline staff in the field. I hope such stories will touch the hearts and minds of our sponsors, partners, World Vision staff, and those who care for children's wellbeing.
We will continue to document stories of change in multiple formats. We also plan to heighten the opportunities for our registered children to attend national and international events. On such occasions, they can directly share their stories and insights with the public. I believe that the stories and experiences of the children who have benefited from the project program will be the best testimony to World Vision's commitment to serving the most vulnerable children and the poor. Our responsibility and commitment to the resources entrusted by our sponsors can also be seen through it.
The community showed support commitment for the vulnerable girls at
the 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures campaign.
Photo: World Vision
I believe with our collaborative contribution, not just one girl like Dì, but hundreds, thousands, and millions of other vulnerable children around the world will have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.
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