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Deadline: September 5, 2022

The application package should be submitted in English via email with subject title “BMZ End of Project Evaluation” and addressed to email:


Nam Giang is one of the poorest districts of Quang Nam province. The district’s current poverty rate is approximately 52%, over five times higher than the national rate (9.8%). There are 12 communes, of which seven have a poverty rate above 70%. The majority of local residents belong to one of several ethnic minority groups. The largest groups are Katu and Gie T’rieng, which make up 57.86% and 21.18% of the population respectively. 

In November 2019, the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development awarded a grant to the partnership of World Vision and the Center for Rural Development in Central Vietnam (CRD) to implement a project titled ‘Associated agriculture for long-term income stabilization of ethnic minorities and equal integration in community development in Nam Giang District, Quang Nam province. The overall objective is to: “Improved livelihood and equal integration in community development for ethnic minority households in project Area through creating sustainable income of poverty”. As the project will close in December 2022, an external consultant will be hired to conduct an evaluation of the project in October and November 2022.

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Purpose of Position

1.1    Purpose
•    To evaluate the level of accomplishment, effectiveness and sustainability of the project interventions according to project objectives and indicators. 
•    To help WVI-Vietnam, CRD, local partners and communities to draw lessons learnt and provide them with practical recommendations for improving future interventions.
1.2    Specific Objectives
The objectives of the evaluation are to:
•    Evaluate the extent to which goal and outcome targets as articulated in the original design document were achieved;
•    Evaluate the extent to which these achievements could be attributed to project interventions;
•    Evaluate the extent to which project impact in the target communities is sustainable;
•    Provide actionable recommendations based on the evaluation findings, particularly on an exit strategy and sustainability measures.

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Key Responsibilities

1.    Consultant’s Scope of Work
In coordination with WVI-Vietnam, the consultant will carry out the following tasks:
•    Review relevant project documents;  
•    Develop and reach a consensus on the evaluation plan, which indicates a timeline, particularly methodologies applied (quantitative and qualitative methods) and proposed sample size, data analysis method and plan, report outline, quality control methods, logistics, and other related issues upon discussion with project team. The plan will be developed to address specific objectives as listed above;  
•    Conduct field testing for the data collection tools;  
•    Provide training for field data collectors, including ethical and gender aspects and covering protocols/guidelines to ensure anonymity and confidentiality of interviewees;
•    Supervise the data collection process in the field, applying relevant methods of quality control; 
•    Analyse the quantitative and qualitative data, explicitly indicating the gender, ethnicity and disability features 
•    Support WVI-Vietnam and project partners to organize a validation workshop to share the initial findings to attain comments/feedbacks on the draft report;  
•    Complete the final report, taking account the comments and feedbacks WVI-Vietnam and partners and send a revised report to the project team for final review; 
•    Prepare a presentation of the endline findings for a dissemination workshop.

2.    Deliverables
•    An inception report in English
•    A training agenda for the data collection team
•    First draft report in English 
•    A presentation of findings to World Vision and key stakeholders in a review and feedback meeting. Feedback obtained in the presentation should be incorporated in the final report.
•    Final report in English and Vietnamese: The final report should incorporate all feedback on the draft report and comments made after the presentation of findings.   
•    Presentation of findings and recommendations final report: The consultant will join the dissemination workshop to present findings and recommendations endline evaluation.
•    At the end of the consultancy, the consultant team is expected to share all data sets and related documents with WVI-Vietnam.

3.    Timeframe
The consultancy is expected to commence on September 25th 2022. The final evaluation report is to be submitted no later than November 30th 2022. A detailed timeline will be agreed after the recruitment and included in the Evaluation Plan.

4.    Budget
The maximum budget for this consultancy is USD 4,200.  This consultant fee includes meals, personal income tax and excludes transportation and accommodation.
WVI-Vietnam will arrange the transportation and accommodation related to the consultancy work for the consultant in compliance with the Procurement policy and pay directly to the supplier.


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Knowledge & Skill

•    The consultant should have more insights of animal husbandry system in Central Vietnam generally and Quang Nam province particularly
•    Able to work with project staff and stakeholders at different levels; 
•    A strong commitment to delivering timely and high-quality results; 
•    Excellent track record in designing and conducting quantitative and qualitative research, analysis and evaluation
•    Strong analytical and conceptual skills to clearly synthesize and present findings, draw practical conclusions, make recommendations and to prepare well-written reports in a timely manner
•    Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Vietnamese (in case of a consultant team, at least one team member must fulfill this criterion).

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•    The consultant(s) should possess extensive work experiences (minimum five years) at senior level and in-depth knowledge on socio-economic and agri-livestock field and conducting assessments, baseline and evaluation surveys. Other team members should also possess educational background and work experiences in the livestock and/or agro-marketing. Team composition with member experienced on intensive statistical data analysis (by SPSS or Stata).
•    Strong professional experience in planning, design, management, M&E of development projects is preferred; 
•    Experience in final evaluation for development project, the samples of evaluation report conducted by the consultant(s) should be attached with the proposal
•    Experience in working with the Ethnic minority people.

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