Consultant for Video production in Tuan Giao District, Dien Bien

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Location Tuan Giao District, Dien Bien
TermTwo months, excluding three filming days in Tuan Giao
Deadline: January 19, 2023

Please send your application package to by 13h00, 19 January 2023 Vietnam time.
Email subject: [Your Name] - Cau chuyen cua Thang


World Vision is a Christian relief and development organization working to create lasting changes in the lives of children, families, and communities living in poverty. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. As a child-focused organization, World Vision’s work focuses on children, ensuring they are protected, and their basic needs are met.

To sustain World Vision’s work in Viet Nam, World Vision Viet Nam must continue exploring new funding sources and opportunities in the face of the foreign funding slash to the development efforts in Viet Nam. To do that, World Vision Viet Nam identified prepositioning for local fundraising (Objective 5) as one of the 10 strategic priorities in our current 2022-2027 Strategy.

In FY23, World Vision Viet Nam will be sharing a transformational story that highlights the life-changing and sustainable impact that our timely and holistic intervention has made in the lives of children, families, and communities in Tuan Giao District, Dien Bien Province.

To increase public awareness of our work, strengthen our partnerships and improve advocacy efforts, World Vision Viet Nam would like to recruit a Viet Nam - based consultancy team to produce a high-quality video. It aims to capture the story of a most vulnerable child (MVC) who benefited from World Vision Viet Nam’s timely, transformational, and integrated intervention, especially in helping him physically survive, pursue education and realize his dream.

The video will be published on multiple World Vision Internet-based platforms to promote the organization and engage with donors and the public.

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Purpose of Position

The project's overall objective is to produce ONE high-quality and innovative video that highlights World Vision Viet Nam's impact in transforming the life of a child beneficiary. The video will focus mainly on World Vision Viet Nam's persistent effort to help the child pursue education despite significant obstacles brought by financial difficulties, sickness, and outdated cultural and social norms.

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Key Responsibilities

I.    Specific Tasks for the Consultancy Service Provider

Under the direct supervision of the Communications Team, the service provider will be required to do the following:
•    Develop the video’s overall concept and scenario.
•    Visit the project site and interact with the local staff and communities/beneficiaries whose lives have been transformed by World Vision’s interventions.
•    Develop the video script and storyboard.
•    Perform appropriate video filming and conduct interviews with the selected characters.
•    Present draft videos for input.
Note: The number of revisions is NOT limited as long as it is reasonable.
•    Produce one final video of four-minute long.

II.     Expected Outputs/Deliverables

ONE approximately high-quality 5-minute video, which presents:
•    The testimony of the selected former registered children.
•    More specifically, the video must include the following:
    - The character’s situation before, during, and after World Vision Viet Nam’s intervention.
    - The transformation in mindset, attitude, and behavior of the main character, his family members, and the community.
    - The positive impact of the main character’s story in influencing the way H’Mong people treat people with disability, and perceive education and the future for children.

III.    Timeline
This consultancy will entail up to 5 days of scouting and filming and 85 days of editing and reporting, beginning upon the signature of the contract with World Vision Viet Nam.

IV.    Budget
The approximate budget for this project is USD 6,500.

V.    Consultant Application Guidelines
Interested candidates will be asked to send an application package in English containing:
•    The scanned copy of the latest Business license (if company)
•    CV of all team members
•    Portfolio listing all similar projects
•    Script an/or proposed plan
•    Quotation

(Please see more details in Terms of Reference)

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Knowledge & Skill

Required Qualifications and Experience of the Service Provider
The service provider will be required to have the following:
•    Extensive experience in producing and development work-related creative communication products for international organizations with the aim of reaching both local and international audiences.
•    Strong understanding of World Vision Viet Nam’s requirements for the project.
•    Excellent technical capacities (state-of-the-art filming equipment, preferably High Definition) to ensure smooth and high-quality production.
•    Experience in development communication.
•    Ability to propose and execute innovative ideas.
•    Ability to adhere to deadlines and flexibility.

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