Consultant/Consultancy team for conduct TOT training on communications skills

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Location Muong Ang & Tuan Giao District Dien Bien Province / Son Tra; Hai Chau & Lien Chieu District Da Nang city/ Tam Ky city Quang Nam Province
Deadline: April 2, 2023

Application should be sent to People and Culture Department, email: before 5pm April 2, 2023 including:

- CV (including full name, title, agency, contact phone number, relevant training experience)
- Proposed outline
- Proposal for Consulting Fee (inclusive of expenses for personal meals) & Consulting Duration

Subject:  [Hanoi] – WVV - ACE [Position] 


The Against Child Exploitation (ACE) project, funded by United States Department of Labor, has commenced since 2019 in the Philippines with the view to strengthening the capacity of the Government of Philippines to address the Worst Forms of Child Labor (WFCL) including Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC), and violations of acceptable conditions of work. Building on fruitful results achieved in the Philippines, the ACE project will be implemented from November 2021 to September 2024 in Vietnam in 06 target districts of 03 target provinces (Điện Biên province, Đà Nẵng city, and Quảng Nam province) toward the expected outcomes as follows:

Outcome 1: Improved enforcement of the legal framework and policies pertaining to the WFCL, including OSEC, and violations of acceptable conditions of work.

Outcome 2: Improved assistance services for victims of WFCL and / or OSEC.

Outcome 3: Strengthened partnerships to accelerate progress in addressing the WFCL, including OSEC, and violations of acceptable conditions of work (ACW)

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Purpose of Position

Conduct TOT training on communication skills to raise awareness on identification and reporting of child labor, as well as existing support services for children at risk of child labor.

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Key Responsibilities

1. Organize the training courses
- Develop the training plan and materials, including: Pre- and post-test, Handouts, Presentations.
- Guidance on conducting awareness-raising events in the community. After the training course and the follow-up phrase in which the consultant would provide support for participants, consultant(s) will revise and complete the guidance and make it ready for design and distribution to partners.
- Discuss and agree with the project team on the training plan, including the criteria for participants, and the coaching plan after the training.
- Organize the training as per plan (including the revision of plan developed by participants in the training)
- Develop report which lists out recommendations to improve the quality of future training courses, especially during the second phase.

2. Provide coaching for participants:
- Finalize the plan and directly organize awareness-raising events at schools and in the community 
- Finalize the guidance on organizing awareness-raising events based on participants’ feedbacks and consultant’s observation.
- Provide recommendations to better organize awareness-raising events in the community in the future

3. Training content and method:
- Allocation of time should be: 30% for theory and 70% for practice 
- Participant-centered approaches should be prioritised which embrace a wide range of methods that help provoke discussion and promote interaction
- Provision of relevant real-life case studies (both good and bad practices) to better demonstrate for participants

4. Training duration and participants
- Consultant will conduct up to 06 training courses in all 06 project districts (2 days/course) (subject to change depending on real situation). 
- Consultant will provide up to 07 coaching sessions (subject to change depending on real situation)
- Target participants: Members of Child Protection Committees at districts and communes, related community-based organizations,…(Consultant is encouraged to   propose relevant groups of participants)

Please kindly find more information in attached TOR.

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Knowledge & Skill

- University or postgraduate degree in communications, social work, sociology or related disciplines

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- Proven track record and experience (at least 5 years) in providing training and coaching on communication to drive awareness raising and behaviour changes in the community

- Understand and respect the policies of World Vision.
- Work with the highest professional ethical standards and in keeping with World Vision’s core messages.

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