Micro Finance (MF) Internal Control Officer

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Location Hanoi
Deadline: November 22, 2023

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Micro Finance Program – World Vision Vietnam (MFU) is an independently managed program that promotes transformational development through the provision of micro financial services. MFU was established in 2006.

The mission of the Micro Finance program is to foster improvement in the quality of life among the clients in Vietnam by assisting the economically active poor and graduating the moderate and poorest of the poor entrepreneurial skills. This will be accomplished through a sustainable Micro Finance program that provides access to loans, insurance and savings within program areas.  All aspects of the services that the Micro Finance program delivers are built to lead the development of appropriate models, capacities and systems for micro enterprise development in Vietnam, resulting in sustainable economic development as part of WVI transformational development ministry throughout Area Program (AP) communities.  

MF Program is structured in two management levels: central office in Hanoi and branch office at the provincial and/ or regional level. All direct transactions with clients including clients screening, loan processing and loan repayment collection are carried out at the communities’ level through a network of local staff. 

At present, MF Program is operating in 11 districts mainly in the north and central of Vietnam.

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Purpose of Position

To support World Vision Vietnam Micro finance Unit (MFU) in maintaining high standards of financial and operational stewardship at both the Project/branch level as well as at the National Office level.  
To provide objective assurance that the organization’s control processes and risk management are adequate and functioning.
The main responsibilities include increasing the operational efficiency of organizations, detecting fraud, review and assess the compliance with relevant regulations and performing audits of:
•    MFU branches,
•    MFU head office 
•    Grants 

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Key Responsibilities

-    Annual Audit Plan that outlines the activities to be undertaken during the year is prepared and submitted to VFI Asia Regional Audit Manager. 
-    Audit Engagement Plan is developed and submitted to VFI Asia Regional Audit Manager for approval. 
-    Appropriate and timely revisions are made to the Audit Manual, MFU Manuals in accordance with of Internal Auditor’s Standards changes in the VFI
-    Assesses and evaluates the adequacy of internal controls, governance framework, and compliance with established policies and procedures
-    Assists in the development of recommendations to close identified control gaps
-    Provide input and advice for polies and guidelines of an internal control system;
-    Audits of MFU head office, MFU branches, Grants as required/requested by VFI and/or MFU Management are carried out in a professional and timely manner.
-    Surprised audits of branches/ head office where abnormal activities/ transactions occur. 
-    Audit reports are published and submitted within the VFI standard set.
-    The responses of audit findings and the implementation of audit recommendation are monitored closely and effectively.
-    “Best Practices” in financial stewardship from audited projects are obtained, a database of this information and/or incorporate this in the WV Vietnam Audit Programs is maintained, and these initiatives are shared with other projects.
-    Training or workshops as required regarding major audit findings and issues discovered during the audit process are conducted.
-    Take responsibility for personal security, accurately identify and assess the dangers and respond in the most appropriate way; take all good faith efforts to keep other WVV staff and property secure with guidance and instruction as being trained by WVV.
-    Perform other duties as assigned by the manager to contribute to the team performance

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Knowledge & Skill

Bachelor Degree in Finance or Accounting
- University degree in accounting, auditing, finance or business administration

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications:
- Proficiency in spoken and written English, good report writing skills
- Good command of MS Office software
- Knowledge of local business community
- Planning skills and time management skills
- Detail oriented
- Demonstrated high level of ethical commitment and trustworthiness.

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Required Professional Experience
- At least 2-3 years of experience in accounting, finance or in Audit, or 2-3 years of experience working in an MFI.

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